Tando Shake and Stone Siding

Tando Composite Shake and Stone can transform you home. Whether using them as an accent wall or siding the entire house Tando Shake and Stone will last the test of time. Check out all the options on display everyday.


Stacked Stone


TandoStone Stacked Stone is a great looking siding with small stones tightly stacked. As the name suggest the panels are to look like a stacked stone wall. With a number of colors to choose from making a big statement has never been easier

Creek Ledge Stone


TandoStone Ledge stone is to look like the old ruble stone foundations. With larger mortar lines and larger stones. This is a great look to dress up a home. Installs as easy as vinyl siding. Check out all the colors on display


Roughsawn Shake


With the look of stained Cedar shakes. Rough sawn cedar Shakes is a maintenance free alternative. With a large number of solid and weathered colors there is a shake for your home. Great alternative to the high cost of Cedar Shake siding

Handsplit Shake


A more rustic looking shake siding. With the look and feel of a hand split cedar shake done with an ax. More variation and texture then the roughsawn while keeping the character of the shake.