Union Metal Roofing

Union Metal roofing is made in the USA. Whether your looking to roof your home or build an new pole barn, Union metal roofing will last the test of time. With 40 year warranties, wide range of panels and colors. The right roof for your home is easy to find.

MasterRib Metal Roofing


40 year warranty on Metal Roofing

MasterRib metal roofing carries a 40 year warranty. With 20 colors to choose from. The last roof for your home is easy to fine. 

Galvalume vs Galvanized

MasterRib metal roofing is made from a  Galvalume alloy. This provides long lasting rust resistance compared to galvanized metal roofing.

Panel Thickness

Metal roofing comes in many Gauges. MasterRib comes in a 29 Gauge and 26 Gauge panel. The lower the number the thicker the metal used on its panels. MasterRib metal roofing is strong enough to have confidence walking on it with out denting or deforming the roofing. 

Ordered cut to the Inch

MasterRib metal roofing is ordered to the inch. This means less time cutting metal and more time installing. Normally arriving in one week or less. 

Standing Seam Roofing


Advantage-Lok II

A Snap lock standing seam metal roof that provides exception weather resistance and ease of installation. Adavantage-Lok II is available in 20 colors and bare Galvalume. With no exposed fasteners standing seam roof provides a long lasting roof with few penetrations to leak. 

No more raking snow!

Standing seam metal roofing are known for being in areas that get a lot of snow. This is because they shed the snow so easily. No more raking the roof to get the snow off the house. 

Order to the inch

Ordering your next metal roof cannot be simpler. No need to cut every panel to length. Union Advantage-Lok II metal roofing is cut to the inch, can be pre notched for easy installation and is crated to protect the panels until installation.